Family Portraits at the Erickson Farm | Welcome, MN

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

I had the privilege of photographing the wonderful Erickson family!

Any reason is a good reason to gather for photos. Especially having the whole family together on the farm!

The little ones were just perfect. They obviously loved their grandparents, and were completely adored and cherished in return.

They giggled at my silly jokes. They laughed at the crazy lady behind the camera with a leaf on her head. (What I won't do to get those smiles!)

And the silliness aimed at the kiddos definitely got smiles out of the adults too!

We laughed and played and had a great time!

I left this photoshoot with the feeling I just made new friends.

That feeling is why I love what I do!

Thank you Erickson Family, for an awesome morning!