Have you heard of... | Clementine Sunshine | Artist | Fairmont, MN

Have you ever discovered a treasure you just have to share with the world? Some small business in a small town that you just want everyone to know about?

I have decided it is time I share them with you! So, every so often I am going to share some awesome local business or artist that I just adore, right here on my blog. Are you excited? I'm excited! So, without further adieu, let me introduce to you the lovely and talented Kelsey Lindh of Clementine Sunshine!

If you don't know her yet, you definitely should.

Clementine Sunshine officially got its start in January 2018, but Kelsey has been making art since she could hold a crayon. "My mother is an artist, so art was something I was always immersed in and surrounded by. I have closely held onto my creative outlook throughout different seasons of my life, seemingly always falling back into some kind of making, whether it was writing, painting, fashion design, printmaking, interior design, drawing, building — there is always something I want to make. I pursued art through my high school years, as I took every single art class my school offered; I earned a bachelor degree in studio art; And I went onto having a few jobs that were creatively based, before I landed here making and operating Clementine Sunshine."

I asked Kelsey what motivated her to start Clementine Sunshine, and she replied, "With artistic tendencies coursing through my veins, there seemed to be no other choice! Inevitably, I would have always ended up making art...turns out people kind of like the things I make!"

Kelsey is a firm believer that everyone has a creative side in one way or another. Some can build houses, some design our cities, fabricate beautiful textiles, orchestrate musical pieces...and for those who aren’t quite as hands on, she would like to believe that they appreciate creativity to some degree. Whether or not someone is a maker or an art appreciator, she would like to see her art reach those who need a little extra joy or hope in their life - anyone who needs an uplifting moment when they look at it.

"I want people to feel happy and joy-filled when they look at my art; I want their day to be brighter because they had an encounter with something I created."

(Product Photos by Kelsey)

When asked about her creative process, Kelsey replied, "Selfishly, I create things that I like and that I would like in my own home. I use colors and shapes and words that are playful and bright — things that I am inspired by or that I like. Of course those types of things are not everyone’s style, so I also do a lot of custom work for people. To help bring their vision to life to decorate a space in their home or to give as a gift. Probably 75% of what I make are custom orders. It brings me joy when someone can articulate a vision from their mind and I can make it become a reality for them."

You can purchase a Clementine Sunshine work of art yourself on Etsy (click here). Keep up with her daily art happenings on her Instagram (here), or on Facebook (here).

(Product photos by Kelsey)

Go check her out!

"I am beyond grateful to be utilizing the talents God has given me in a way where I hope it glorifies Him and makes Him look good. This business hasn’t ever been about quantity or financial gain — My desire is that He gets all the credit and that I can be used by Him in this unique way." - Kelsey